Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on April 09, 2014.

Rank  Change  Title
156 Small_arrow_up616 Masklife
208 Small_arrow_up475 denzdevarez's Podcast
417 Small_arrow_up386 Timothy's Deep & Soulful House Music
488 Small_arrow_up378 SOUL KANDI RADIO SHOW
395 Small_arrow_up343 Destiny Encounters
457 Small_arrow_up339 こどもと英語で話そう!
328 Small_arrow_up303 Mentor's House Music Podcast
476 Small_arrow_up301 The Walk Ons Podcast
374 Small_arrow_up293 RAZZ & BIGGY's Podcast
309 Small_arrow_up277 The Rude Boy Series
415 Small_arrow_up274 Dave Rabbit
500 Small_arrow_up269 The Global House Session (Radio Show)
308 Small_arrow_up266 ciencia y fe's Podcast
179 Small_arrow_up262 Cabin Academy with Milly Bennitt
241 Small_arrow_up254 DJ Moloko's Podcast
338 Small_arrow_up253 In The Zone: The Official Podcast of Yellow Fev...
284 Small_arrow_up244 Trent Loos' Podcast
197 Small_arrow_up216 THE ART OF MIXING
209 Small_arrow_up211 Breathing In Fumes
353 Small_arrow_up209 Radio America
480 Small_arrow_up206 BeatMix International
317 Small_arrow_up203 Asian Pop Radio Australia
310 Small_arrow_up198 All Things Timbo
260 Small_arrow_up196 Semillas de Semana Santa
408 Small_arrow_up194 Space Sharm El Sheikh From Egypt To Ibiza
435 Small_arrow_up193 BLANCO Y NEGRO
421 Small_arrow_up186 fRoots Radio
429 Small_arrow_up184 DJ Absurd - Ear 2 The Streets Radio Music Podcast
475 Small_arrow_up183 Men of Valor Program
230 Small_arrow_up182 Radio Golden Dawn America
286 Small_arrow_up180 Shootin' It
354 Small_arrow_up177 GellerCast ★ Progressive House
191 Small_arrow_up171 The Ripple Effect Podcast
473 Small_arrow_up161 Bass Squad Radio
396 Small_arrow_up158 Conspirinormal Podcast
240 Small_arrow_up157 Monson Says
427 Small_arrow_up151 Nowhere to Run
401 Small_arrow_up147 Rockabilly Roadhouse's Podcast
493 Small_arrow_up145 J-Music Deep House Podcast
411 Small_arrow_up142 FBKPodden 13/14
237 Small_arrow_up141 Whiskey, Wine and Moonshine
337 Small_arrow_up139 DJ BE PODCAST
406 Small_arrow_up135 Funky House UK
482 Small_arrow_up133 DJ MODESTY - THE REAL HIP HOP SHOW
226 Small_arrow_up132 DJ Escape's Podcast
494 Small_arrow_up131 Rowie (Melbourne, Aus)
352 Small_arrow_up129 RMIODP Podcast
347 Small_arrow_up127 The Jennifer Nicole Lee Show -JNL's Official Po...
257 Small_arrow_up126 The HIP HOP HOORAY RADIO PODCAST DJ Jay Q
409 Small_arrow_up125 DJ Allure's Podcast

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